a lot of our life actions and details happens in our kitchen. may be, a lot of activity revolves : Cooking , preparing a quick snack, eating breakfast or a 3-course dinner with family or friends. The kitchen is one place that needs to be both beautiful and functional. This raises a double
challenge of do’s and dont’s in kitchen design. Because of this specialists warn us about the 10 mistakes we should avoid in order to achieve both practical and elegant kitchen design.
  • Obstructing access to the kitchen triangle.
Don't let any thing obstruct the your kitchen triangle ( the line between stove , sink and refrigerator ) .

  • Losing storage space.

 Don't forget the importance of storage places in your kitchen , every thing you have in your kitchen need to be stored .
You have to use area under counters and above units to create a storage units, also shelves in your dead places are a good solution to increase your storage areas .
  • Ignoring counter-top work space. 

 The counter - top is the most effective area you need it in your work at kitchen , adding to storage a lot of your equipments you have to use .
So that enlarge the area of the counter surfaces as you can .
 You can add an island if your kitchen allow .
  •  Poor lighting.

 The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. It’s not only a matter of design and atmosphere, but also a safety matter when it comes to handling sharp kitchenware. Rooms generally need three types of lighting: general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. For the kitchen you especially should evaluate the work areas and focus on how you can provide each spot with the light it needs. Consider adding lighting directly above all the main working areas, use pendant lights or a series of mini-pendants in areas where these can enhance the lighting and beauty of the kitchen. Pendants look great above kitchen sinks, while a series of mini-pendants enhance the appearance and lighting of breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Also, install under-cabinet lighting as an additional way to ensure that the counters have sufficient lighting for common kitchen tasks. After all, the more light you have in the room, the better you can show off all of those amazing design elements you’ve added to the space.
  • Forgetting a back-splash. 

Sometimes the backsplash considerations slip to the end of the list while this is one mistake that saves you money on the short term, but on the long run costs you a lot of time and effort. Imagine the steam, high humidity and grease content in the kitchen and you will understand why installing a backsplash behind the oven and extending it above all the counters throughout the kitchen is a smart idea. It is much easier to clean grease off a backsplash made of tile, metal, or plastic, than wall paint or wallpaper.

  • Forgetting the ventilation. 

The best of kitchen design fades in the presence of bad smelling you have to get a good ventilation system will help improve the quality of your indoor air and also help keep your kitchen cleaner.
Effective ventilation systems also help extend the life of your appliances and although they can be an investment, if you have a kitchen that opens to a living area or family room, they will make life easier, cleaner and more pleasant for everyone.

  • Choose a wrong kitchen island.

Don't use island design if your kitchen area is too small to give you an easy motion ,  the distance should not less than 8 by 12 feet in your kitchen.

  • Ignoring your recycle.

Don't forget your recycle to put it in a near and easy place to your uses , it preferable to be under sink .

  • Forgetting to go to trendy.

Find your design to be trendy from the colours to the equipments to have a kitchen live with you a long time without needing to renew .

  • Avoiding professionals. 

Taking over a kitchen design project on your own to save money is a common mistake which can waste more money, time and energy. There are some jobs where, for safety and quality work, a professional is not a whim. Kitchen designers possess the latest trends, ideas, and manufacturer’s details, help you identify your specific needs and translate those details into an efficient plan according to your taste.

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