Since blue is very fashionable this year in interior decoration ,as  It’s a soft and relaxing color that is both chic and modern ,Designs for the kitchen are no longer traditional; with modern designs you can dress your kitchen with your favorite color whatever it is only on condition that you know how to use and associate it with elements colors .
If blue by nature evokes the sea spirit inside you, it can then create a seaside style in your kitchen as long as it’s associated with kitchen furniture in gray wood looking like driftwood. Then paint only the top of the wall in blue to bring out the wood value. Have you ever thought about choosing kitchen furniture in blue? There are now many models decorated in very deep & bright blue which brings an elegant glossy touch in a contemporary atmosphere to your kitchen interior. 

To bring out this color, paint a wall in a slightly lighter blue and opt for a white decoration for the rest of the room. To give the kitchen a soft & smooth ambience, focus on elements in pastel blue. And to make it still looking trendy, associate this color with strong items such as a wood worktop, stainless steel equipment or even a black wall. If you want to add more sweetness to the kitchen through a pretty feminine touch, you can add one of those fashionable pastel pink refrigerators for example. 
If your kitchen is entirely white from walls to the worktop, you can opt for a few cabinets in high dynamic blue to enhance the whole. Blue will bring an attractive touch of freshness to the kitchen and completely change the boring “too white” look. And for a minimalist kitchen that you want to look very stylish, go for combining the sleek lines with white and chrome details. To brighten the whole, choose a blue shade with a hint of gray to be painted on a wall to delimit the kitchen area.
This is an inspiring collection of modern kitchen designs using the blue color in furniture, walls and accessories.
Hope you find out your favorite Blue kitchen Design in this collection .

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