the bold layout of this small studio apartment, is a perfect model in interior design, carries everything a home owner wants and needs although an extremely limited floor space, whilst managing to appear remarkably uncluttered and sleek in style.

An entertainment unit fixed in a low -level is a good well to be below eye-level to keep the continuity of space without obstructing in the entrway of the apartment .The devices has been selected with a thin and flat dimentions .

Same concept for the open-ended sofa, in front of sleeping area.
The headboard of the bed is formed to create a partition between the office &kitchen in a side and sleeping area in other side .

In the kitchen zone, the cabinetry chosen to matches the slim concept cupboards in the lounge area to have a cohesive look throughout the small open plan Area.
Although the limited proportions of this apartment, a good welling home office has been got, complete with a bespoke desk and a generous amount of storage area.
The amazing choice of the white marble countertops, used in various forms in the design of this apartment ,gives it  both reflecting the light and create a look of quality.
Cladding the walls by wood matches give a unify  and continuity between furnitre ,floor and wall in materials and color .

Hope you got your Ideas for your apartment .

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