Most of us now live in a small apartment, and that mean automatically have a small kitchen. The small kitchen design is a difficult challenge whenever we want to collect all the necessary furniture and appliances in a small kitchen , for this
reason design of kitchen must be designed in an intelligent way to make it lead functional and practical interest in addition to the aesthetic and Comfortable in the same time .
 Main principle in furnitre of a small kitchen is choosing cabinets  process characterized by many drawers and shelves that help you in storage ,  avoid chaos and tools that have no place. And colors can play an important role in the beauty of the small kitchen. Where the use of bright colors such as white or beige is the perfect choice because it makes the kitchen seem broad and more spacious, but if you want a more daring and innovation and to keep pace with the modern world kitchens, you can go to the colors bright, both in the kitchen full, or perhaps through Add bright colors for cabinets and backsplash of the kitchen .You can also use more than one color for each piece of kitchen units will find really great .
You can use the kitchen cabinets of wood or metal or both of them with keenness to provide a good space for counter in a way that allows you to use comfortably during prepare you for food.
Here we give you some special designs for small kitchens that will give you ideas and solutions to achieve the best design for your kitchen .

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