wood flooring is an amazing choice for your home as it have many advantages,some of these advantages are:
1 - Long lasting: a wooden floor lasts for along time more than other types of flooring materials its average old 50 - 100 years.

2 - Natural:as we know wood is healthy, it does not produce dust, preventing many risks of allergies. It is also very easy to maintain.
3 - Wear resistant
4 - Insulating and sound deadening
5 - Attractive

How to Choosing wood flooring ?

The type of flooring is selected according to various factors that have to be taken into consideration when selecting the wood flooring such as the lighting in the room, the color of the walls and furnishings (a fairly light room might have a darker floor whereas a darker room could have a lighter floor), It is also important to consider whether the floor is to be laid in a room where it will be subject to intensive foot traffic or not. The floor may be a harder European wood or softer tropical wood depending on whether it is intended for a corridor leading to the outside which is subject to intensive wear or a bedroom which is used less often.

In which room will the floor be laid?

- Rooms that are not used very often without access to the outdoors: guest room, attic.
- Rooms that have moderate to normal usage without access to the outdoors: living-room, drawing room, bedrooms.
- Rooms used frequently: all rooms in the house except bathrooms.
- Rooms used intensively: all rooms in the house except bathrooms and offices Special for bathrooms.
Here you an amazing Ideas for wooden floors to study and analyze till find out yours .

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