What we show you in this article is a new 17 models of beautiful bathrooms furniture collection combining both a chic look & modern or even futuristic decorating style . In each model you will find that it reflects the functionality we need nowadays in our bathrooms and the stylish look we want to add to it . The collection depended more on oval and rounded shapes in both mirrors and cabinets which create an innovative & stylish decor.
It also depended on rectangular shapes in some independent cabinets suspended to the wall. Sinks are available in 2 options: built in or over cabinets. Both are following the rounded and oval style of the cabinets and mirrors. You also will find that the collection contains a variety of bathroom furniture colors, some of them are daring but beautiful like this fascinating black & Fuchsia set. Other matching of colors are also beautiful such as traditional black & white, red & white, oak & green, white & purple and many other cool colors. Even spigots are equally considered. The collection contains a wide range of stylish and up-to-date spigot designs. Because of its minimalist design, any bathroom set of this collection can perfectly fit in small bathrooms. Some beautiful accessories were used in this collection to complete the up-to-date look such as the ultra modern lamps, vases and small tables.
 Have a look ,analyze and study the collection photos to get your modern Bathroom .

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