All rooms and spaces in the home, regardless of spaces or function or decoration own need to storage space in it. But get this space for storage in different places of the house and in a balanced manner adds to the beauty room decor not running into extra space is not easy as it may seem.
Shelves simple installed on walls is the ideal solution for storage without the need for an area of the floor, and are shelves magic solution, practical and simple non-expensive

for storage in any part of the house can also employ these shelves to become an addendum to the decor of the room next to use in storage.
Here are a range of ideas from which you can exploit the advantages of the shelves in your home a more than impressive provide good storage space and adds to the beauty of your home.
We will start the living room because it is the central area in the home and must be mindful of it to be simple and preferably shelves painted the same color as the furniture or walls can also make regular distribution on different levels.

  •  Dining room is one of the parts of the house that can benefit from the shelves and exploit these shelves to add personal touches especially like the status of antiques and accessories or souvenir pictures on these shelves to become a mural excellent.

  •  Bedrooms of places that can benefit from the shelves, but to put it not likely to have an area of the room , it's advised that to use it  to add your character prefers to be simple shelves serve their purpose in storing things that you need to easily dealt with.
  •  There are parts from home will be used inevitably shelves like entrance where shelves used to store everything you might need during your login or exited such as keys or handbags otherwise decorative paintings and accessories that can adorn the entrance.
  •  The kitchen is the place where we need shelves are severe and can be employed in a place close to your fingertips and at different levels are used to store shelves stuff that you do not need an ongoing basis.
  •  Finally the bathroom of the places that use the shelves becomes very useful where limited space and the many small things that need to storage, such as soaps and shampoos, you can use the shelves to add beauty and a great system for a bathroom.
 As we have seen the shelves is a magic solution, suitable for storage in all parts of the house, I hope that these ideas can be useful to you.
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