Many believe that the blue color of strong colors glaring that don't fit modern decor for this tend not to choose, while a good choice for color grading blue and choose what suits him from the other colors specially white color , makes blue tool decorative top in magnificence and beauty .
Here are some examples on the use of the color blue in the decor.

  • In the next picture is pale blue is a perfect model to use the blue color in the wall paint while the selection dining table chairs with the same color is very good choice.
  •  In the next picture we see appropriate choice of the degree of blue to give vitality and diversity next to the white in the rest room of the floor, walls and ceiling.
  •  In the next picture was recruited blue simple degrees of graphics coverlets the next degree Alkomud located next to the bed.
  •   And here was the use of color blue in the wallpaper existing bath, which gave him the brightening sky beautifully commensurate with the rest of the colors.
  • In this photo choose the sofa in blue makes decorative masterpiece next to White and beige color on the walls.
  •  Degree very pale blue bed linens and blankets is a good choice lends an air of dreamy romantic bedroom.
  • Another choice for shades of blue in the eating place on the walls and chairs table adds to the romantic and beautiful place special.
  • Here were employed blue color in accessories brushes in both decorative paintings or pillows on the sofa.
  •  Here choose the color blue for classic bathroom walls above the white binding bathroom walls are giving great integrity and consistency of the colors.
  • Finally frank blue chairs yellowish noting the presence of the same color in the decorative accessories on the shelves gives evidence of a sense of higher conciliator selection of colors.This was the idea and examples of choosing the color blue in the decor and how it is employed.
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