Personally I'm from lovers white color in everything, especially in the decor, Color White gives breadth and resurrected in the self psychological comfort and calls for relaxing, beauty of  white color  comes  when it is in harmony with the rest of the items in the home to be completed painting giving beauty white finest paintings
decorative absolutely.
Today, I brought you a practical model for white color decoration  in all the components of the home
Let's start to roam in this wonderful house of the color white.

 Office Room
It gives impression of soft feeling , You will find that all it's components are very simple ,The desk simply painted in white and light chairs gives comfort to the body and it painted in white Also curtains comes in light blue to add to the splendor of colors .

Guest -bedroom
in this room she used white in wall paints and added yellow and pale blues colors to give her guests feel of welcoming , freshness and vitality .

 Dining room .
same concept  as white color with pale blues , but here she used white curtains to let light to come in the room .

 Living room
she had Upholstered an old couch by white color and kept the frame in brown to reflect into the brown table .

 Master bedroom
She decided to let  bed in white, while walls painted dark color to give the room an impression  of romance and excitement

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