The most style famous for its cheerful look is the Spanish style due to the good use of bright colors, specially in home decoration; The Spanish style is known for its special color harmony. If you love charming Spanish inspirations for your home decor.
Here is a wonderful example of a modern Spanish home decorated for Christmas.

The house is already furnished with white and light gray furniture along with a touch of bright orange, to match with the wall colors and the deep brown floors. The wooden furniture and all decorations used for Christmas celebrations include also the three colors with the deep brown touches.

A giant Christmas tree is placed in one corner of the living room and is decorated with all orange and golden ornaments in different shapes. Plastic, glass, and hand beaded fabric ornaments are used in very modern shapes with majestic tiny crystals and orange fairy lights.
The other decorations include whole green wreaths with orange accessories and much green and orange on different tables.The main theme of the house shows modern furniture with a mid-century impact flowing from the wooden chairs and antiques in deep brown. The dining table has come likewise; neat looking chairs in three color shades where a green wreath with orange crystals decorated each of them, along with whole glassy tableware.

The artistic way in using golden and white plates has generated a fantastic idea of golden trimmed goblets. The same color and shape of ornaments and Christmas balls have been used with a silver bowl of glowing balls and amazing crystal-beaded accessory on one side. The scented candles have been placed in a big glass urn in the middle of the table. They looked magnificent with silver and gold drawings within the goblets.

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