In our home office it's not necessary to be in a big size but it should be in a good atmosphere and best suitable decor design. Home office is a place where you should be feel comfortable, and give you a huge of concentration and inner peace , So it must be chosen carefully to do its aim in your home.
 Some of major notices you have to take into consideration when you think to have a home office are;
- The harmony of your office in its size, design and color to the part where you will place it, if your office will be in a room totally for it or in a part of room or a corner in living room, sure the design will differ in every case according to the place you will establish it.
- Other point is storing space which enough to store and organize you files and documents in a way keep it easy to find.
- Enough surface disk office is important that makes you work freely without interruption and disturbance.
Comfortable chair is a way to keep you on for along time to achieve your tasks without pain.
- Finally color of your office is a magic tool that inspire your thoughts and explode your power, you can see reflection of every color choice in human mode in this article How To Choose Your Office Color
- Here you some of amazing offices chosen to suits all spaces and tastes, study and analyze every model carefully to find out which one suits you.

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