There is no more beautiful than the principle of easy and affordable solution which gives you easy in implementation and as a result unmatched in beauty. With this concept i offer you seven golden ideas for how to change your kitchen decor you have and turn it into a modern one renewed, especially since the kitchen is one of the places where you find especially fun!
1-  Change the doors of units
Ways easy to implement and at the same time give a glamorous and different views of the kitchen, is to change the kitchen cabinets doors.
You can either simply change the doors of kitchen cabinets to a different design, for example, if the old flat, Choose new design inscribed with drawings carved in wood or conservatory fitted, to be clearer to see inside the cabinet.
While that was already carved doors, the solution then in that case the re-painted brightly colored, but if they are fitted with glass Changing the quality of glass.
2- Lining kitchen units
If you have not had a chance to change or paint kitchen units, you can line units inside of the paper thin wall engraved with paintings, you will notice that the shape differed completely from the past!
3- New curtains
Whenever I felt bored by the form of your kitchen and would like to make some simple change but have a strong influence, you must change the window curtains especially if the focus of the place and centered in the middle.
Mix between two colors of the kitchen curtains, to give your place a completely different view.
4- Lighting units
If you lives in floors overhead and in particular the last floor, you have choices of several lighting, kitchen Unlike traditional methods can work and lighting units upper "Skylight" which are like slot window and closed clear glass plain or reflector to the sun, and that way you enjoy décor kitchen new and different , and also do not give up entering sunlight to illuminate the place.
But if you can not implement that idea, Changing lighting units have individually, there is no objection from adding Clubs installed in both kitchen units placed inside the Treasury or the bottom exterior of the cabinets.
If you prefer kitchen high luminance, choose and lighting unit Home "Chandelier" multiple levers to contain many of the bulbs, preferably if you choose lighting units provide two levels of lighting, so that they can be controlled more in the case of wanting to lighting simple are using half the number of bulbs, With the move to the second level in the case of full  lighting of the place.
5- New seats
If your kitchen equipped with a dining table, what do you think if you replace the old seats with new ones, whether in design or even in color?
Try paint seats kitchen table in a different color specular, or choose other design for seats alternative differently, you can also dispense entirely seats, and install the sofa in the wall as an alternative, and allows you to design couch flexibility in use, for example, can take any form and according to the available space such as a character "L" or "U".
In case you would like to add a dining table, but the space does not allow it, you can use folding tables, with seats without reliance datum-to-back "bar."
6- Change handles units
Whether changed the kitchen cabinets or not, make sure to change the handles, too, although it simple accessory but they differ in the heroine of the final already.
7- Frames and transplant units
Perhaps impossible to procure if you know that the suspension frames in the kitchen of good things, you can select images commensurate with the nature of the place, such as pictures of vegetables or fruit or even flavoring.
Also of good things decorating the kitchen small transplant units in the corners or on main counter top.

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