Everyone needs to relax in his house and we often make our best in design and furnishing certain rooms of the house with this activity; especially the bathroom. Bathroom is purposely built for relaxation but to really enjoy it you need a decor that puts you at ease. Bathroom designs offers an extensive variety of bathroom colours and fittings ideal for any style of bathroom decoration 
Here i try to give you some of the best interior design ideas for this important space.
- Muted bathroom colours

White colour is the most popular for bathrooms but if white is too much it can leave the room looking clinical and cold. But if you tried to combine white with other muted shades like Turquoise,   white complements very well so try to consider a bathroom with turquoise wooden panels and white painted walls, it will be amazing.
- Bold Contrasts 

For those who love a bolder look, combining striking colours is a great option. As a n impressive idea followed famous designers is to  use black as the base colour which stands in stark contrast to the glistening white of the units and bursts of bright colour found on the feature wall and in the furnishings. The bathroom elements retain their original design but have sleek curved edges that add a lovely touch to this contemporary bathroom.
-  Monochrome trend Bathrooms

Monochrome is a great and undeniable style,The whiteness of this bathroom is almost clinical but retains elegance with some well-crafted bathroom items like accesories and the black  border contrast.
- Retro Bathroom Design

This style is plain and simple: that is the key to any relaxing room. The bathroom pictured above is a wonderful example of how to achieve this with a retro flair and features a simplistic and square cut basin and full pedestal ( you can choose to have a wall hung pedestal if you wish). This design also features a close coupled toilet but this can also be wall hung, it's up to you. The colour scheme for this bathroom is soft and the floor tiles match the wall colour creating a seamless transition between different aspects of the bathroom. Neutral shades are combined a with flashes of dark wood and bold reds and oranges to give this a retro feel that still caters to modern demands and tastes.
-  Here you some of bathroom ideas models to study and analyze to find out what suits your taste and available bathroom space.

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