We discussed in the previous post  ( Here ) some good ideas for how to lighting up your living room, but there are some hints about lighting in living room i want to tell you.For Ideal design you need to use different types of lighting to provide a nice mix to your living room atmosphere.Some people see spot lights and track lighting can be practically good and they provide a lot of overhead light, but in fact they are not really the best choice for living room lighting. Finally i'm sure you want a mix of task and ambient light so why you don't try mixing floor lamps,table lamps, and maybe an overhead light and sconces. Be sure of that there's enough light near reading or work areas and also use light to call attention to unexpected or special places.Add in a dimmer switch to every single light in the room is one of the best things you can do ( If you can do this with every light in your house). To be able to soften or brighten the light allows you to change the mood in the room in an amazing way. They're affordable and it gives a huge difference.Here you some designs to help you in choosing your living room lights.Here you some lighting lamps you can buy which suits your taste of them.

Ikea Orgel Table Lamp : In two view



IKEA ORGEL FLOOR LAMP 2                                                                                                                 IKEA ORGEL FLOOR LAMP

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