We talked in the previous article posts Here and here about how to arrange your furniture and how to choose it's sizes and places,but still an important thing you should do it.
It's the accessories and where to place it just after the furniture is in placed in your living room. Sure you will have some window treatments and artwork,
and maybe a television and some sconces. we will give it a much thought to place living room accessories as we done the furniture.
If you're not sure about how may you will do it, try using an online room planner program to create an arrangement. Try to test out some different looks and see what will looks best and what works for your lifestyle and your satisfaction. If you're not too skilled in computer, you can make up a living room floor plan using a graph paper. Just make sure to use all suitable measurements to avoid any unwelcome surprises when you put the furniture in the room actually.
Here you some living room designs to help you in your decision.

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