If you have a home office; sure you will think carefully about choosing the color you should paint it. There are always some distractions when one work from home, yet specialists studies show that while some colors divert from tasks at hand, others can amazingly increase a person's productivity, concentration and motivation,"So  it's advisable by specialists that you Think about your job and what kind of environment you want to create. Here you some advises and features of some colors to your office to choose one suits your character.
1 - Blue color can be calming and can lower your pulse rate while increasing your productivity.
2 - Green color creates a serene, soothing atmosphere, which can relieve  your stress.
3 - Red color with orange promotes excitement and enthusiasm.
4 - Purple color is thought to promote artistic creativity.
5 - Yellow is considered as a cheerful color.
6 - Light browns and greys deliver a feeling of serenity.
7 - Darker browns provide a stoic, earthy atmosphere.
If you can't decide, the safest choice might be green witch is the most popular color for home offices according to famous specialists. "Considered to be the most balancing hue on the color spectrum and the easiest on the eye, green is restful yet rejuvenating."  personally I love green, but when I had a home office I painted it cream. I found it relaxing, calm and make me  less distracted.


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