Modern life and advanced technology achieved works to many people from home, nowadays many of us need to work with a nice office placed at a comfortable part of home. If you are one of those people who love to have a nice office at home to achieve your home work and seeking for an optimal design for home office, here we try to be in your help.

No doubt that every one do his work at home need a comfortable one that help you to accomplish your work in a perfect way and give you a relaxation feeling at the same time. So when you decide to have an office at home there are some important factors have to taken into consideration like the following notice :
  • Numbers of hours you will spend in you office , the available space you can save to the office and the style of your home design to match with office design.
  • Then for paint , it is better to choose a color suits your home and your character , you can see this article How to choose your home office colour
  • Also you should provide the room with two type of light, one strong  for work hours and dim light  for relaxing time.
  • You also need an ergonomic office chair and plate surface disk that enough for all your stuffs .
  • The computer must be at the same level with your eye to minimize bending and rest your back . you can own a bookcase for keeping your file in a defined order.
Here you a nice collection of office designs, study and analyze every model to find out one suits your available home space and your taste.

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