No doubt that kitchen is the most space we all need more storage areas, Kitchen have many equipment and tools that you need every time you enter your kitchen to do any thing, that tools hourly used you will need them to be in your fingertip, in otherwise some tools you need it from time to time, that you need to store it apart of your work field to don't disturbs you.
 Here you some amazing and creative ideas that improve your kitchen storage spaces in a very affordable coast.  Irons board is heavy burden to provide a space in apartments and houses that are tight in floor space While installing a ironing board as a one of the drawers of the kitchen in this way is a practical solution and a wonderful, add to that, that you can do the process of ironing and you go in your tasks in the kitchen.

 Corners in kitchen cabinets some consider it as a dead parts, but with this corner drawers idea you can create a very good storage area.

Trash is usually recommended to placing in a place close to the sink and in a way that nested in the kitchen units but use it's drawer in a smart and innovative way adds a wonderful more space area for kitchen counter and even provides no effort in reaching the trash.

Finally you have to believe in that you can use every inch in your small kitchen in a smart and decorative way.
Hope that you have benefited.

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