We talked before about how to paint your living room wall and how to choose its colors by giving you various choices, you can check it 15 Idea For Living Room Paints.
Here i give you ten new tones to help you in choosing your living room paint style. I will brief these ten ideas in notes as following.

Strong Shades

Paint your living room with strong/solid shades when you just have a few furniture pieces, it will give you a great results.


 Try peachy wall patterns.

Peachy touches with a patterned wallpaper can give you an amazing results in your living room.


Strong Blue

If you have a wide space try to use a dark rich blue for paints of your living room walls, it gives a great stylish look.

Natural hues&touches.

Different shades of green give you a great touch of nature to your living room.


Colorful stripes

If you looks for a trendy paints in your living room, try to paint it with shade of pink combines with a colorful striped, that will looks great.


Relax Shades

If you tend to bring a soft look to a large living room, use a soothing shades of light brown, it gives a great impression.

 Upscale White
If your living room is a large space, you can make it look more open when you paint it with white.

A Warm/Rich Look

Use a medium shade of peach to have a feel of warm and rich in your living room.

Warm Appearance

Try to paint your living room with deep shades of orange if you looking for a worm look.


Light Hues

Create a relaxing look with light shades in your living room.

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