Some of us may want to paint a room with a strong color but have a worry of that it will too dark. But i here to tell them to don't be worry, there are many ways to brighten the room without sacrificing that color you want.
We will show that ways in certain points.
1 - Window treatment.
Light window treatment is a great add to brighten any dark room.

If it suits your room style make your curtain to be all the way long to the floor. If you tend to shutters , choose white one.
Window treatment can take up a good amount of visual space so they are an amazing solution to brighten your room.
2 - Wainscoting.
When you decide to paint with a bold or bright color, leave a little space of walls, that will give you a big affect.
Paint above part of your walls with your strong color and add a wainscoting to the bottom have of the walls which can be painted with white color or any complimentary light color.
If you see wainscoting is so much try to alternatives like adding a white chair rail around the room then add some other light squares molding to the bottom half of the walls.
Just adding a little of white can really pop against your dark color.
3 -  Floor.
Definitely floor colors of the room has a huge effect on the room atmosphere. To brighten your room go with tiles have light color. If your room already have a dark wooden or stone floor use an area rug of a bright color.
4 - Furniture.
Same as floors, Furniture has a great impact on room tone. If your room walls paints tend to dark use light furniture. If this is to late to do or not possible pick up some accent pillows and throw it on the furniture.
5 - Artworks.
Artworks is a good accent to reduce the darkness of a room walls. Use your artworks with bright colors or try to frame it with white frames.
Here are some examples for how to brighten your dark paints in your room.

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