In the previous article post we discussed some decorating mistakes  and how to avoid it, here we will discuss some other mistakes we fall in when we decorate our houses.
  • Avoid a mistake in numbers of pillows:
Throw pillows are an amazing decorative accents but don't use so many that you need to move them all of the sofa, chair or bed to can sit or lie down. So avoid to use too many throw pillows.
An other point belong pillow is that you advised to don't  use tiny accent pillows. The throw pillows you use  in all home spaces should relate to the piece of furniture. A tiny pillow on a large chair looks bitsy and lost.
  • Avoid to create a theme room.
While you can get fun when decorate it, people tend to get bored of them really quickly. Theme rooms get old and outdated very quickly and then you're  have to spend more money to replace items that you no longer want. Instead try to add some elements of the theme you like into a regular room. For example, if you like nature themes throw in a few natural prints such as green print cushions or an natural artwork.
  • Avoid to opt for a style over your comfort
. There are a lot of an amazing looking items out there that look great but are totally uncomfortable in yous when you go to sit in. Before you buy always think about how you will use the piece in your house.
  • Avoid to make all the furniture stuck to the walls.
May sometimes the room space can make this not easy, but try to leave a space between furniture and the walls to create more intimate conversation areas. Do this specially in living rooms and family rooms. Why we are hesitant to show the backs of our furniture pieces if they're finished!! Sure no reason why this should be so.
  • Avoid to depend on overhead lighting.
Although it's good to have, it doesn't offer enough lighting in the room space, and it's not  flattering to a great extent. The better choice is to have a mix of overhead, ambient and task lighting. Use table lamps, floor lamps, sconces – whatever you like. Just be sure to use a mix. It will provide more light as well as make the room and everyone in it look better.

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