Carpet is a beautiful one of your home accessories which need a special care. If we dealt with it in a wrong care that will make it dirty and easily damaged. Thus you have to clean your carpet in a  right way to keep it durable. Here you some tips that to help you in your carpet cleaning.
1. Clean It Frequently
You will need to clean your carpets in a frequent time using a vacuum cleaner, especially if it is new. New carpet look clean, but it's fibers can be mixed with hidden dust and dirt. That is not good for your health with many dust and can make a damages in  your beautiful carpet. Thus clean 
your carpet at least once a week. And remember to focus on areas that usually skipped by living people.
2. Don't Walk with Bare Feet.
Most of people think that walking by barefoot keep a carpet cleaner and long life. But in fact, that is not entirely true. Our feet spray sweat and oil. When we walk on the carpet, it contact with it,  then oil and sweat stick to the carpet, causing dust and dirt attached easily. So it's recommended to use socks or slippers when walking on carpet.
3. Don't Wash your carpet with Soap.
Beware to wash your carpets with cleaning fluids that contain soap. After washing it will leave some residue that will tie up more dust on the carpet fibers. A certain fact says that, soap residue cause carpet fibers so weak, and it making carpets easily damaged.
If you will wash your carpet, here is the most appropriate materials to clean carpet without damage with white vinegar. Mix one bottle of vinegar with one gallon of water. Pour mixture into carpet, brush a while, then rinse with clean water. Do not worry about your house will smell of vinegar, it will be gone in 24 hours. Just make sure your carpet is not in a moist state for too long.

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