When you put a rug, you totally make a change in home atmosphere, it add to personality of room and fill it
with special meaning. Your carpet definitely creates a warm and homely affection, it leads to make your room more comfortable. Add to that, it's a great way to hide any bad stains. Thus, before you decide to buy a carpet, you have to think about, where you will  place it, and how you want it.
When you go to choose a rug, the first thing is the size of the carpet. Sure even if you find your right color, style, you will not buy it if it is too large or too small to your space. You know that carpets are found in a very variety, either in size or in shape. Round rugs are a very well choice, especially if you combine one  with other. They give a feel of comfort in room.
Rectangular carpets are perfect choice for formal places. In general most of carpets are a factories products, with a special machines, but  you can find hand-made carpets. hand-made carpets often are more durable, so that they're usually more expensive than manufactured carpets.
Same important as strength, is the material of the carpet. It can be made of wool, cotton, silk or  nylon. Each material has some pluses and some minuses. Some may wear out quickly; others may lose color quickly.
Here you some amazing collection of so trendy rugs for your inspiration.

White round carpet in modern living room

Colorful round carpet in living room

Round carpet in modern interior

Large carpet with a great pattern made of wool

Green carpet in a contemporary bedroom

Beautiful carpet in brown color

Amazing rectangular carpet in living room

Modern colorful carpet in a living room

Modern Red Carpet in a living room

Rectangular carpet

Colorful Rectangular Carpet

Amazing White Carpet

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