Blue in decor is a great and trendy choice either in wall paints or in furniture or both. for blue lovers, you have many choice in using blues in decorating you living room, here we will talk about some of it.
Light blue is a great choice for living room, it gives a great  feeling of comfort and calmness in the living room. You may love to try a blue shade for a feel of sky. But you should  Make a harmony between your blue and other living elements like furniture and floor tiles.

If your living room is small in space, beware to use deep blue, but if it has a wide space, using a dark rich blue for the walls for an amazing stylish look.

You can mix blue with other colors which works with blue in a great harmony like brown, if you do, you will get an impressive style.

you also can just add a touch of blue hues by accessories and artworks , that will give a great effect .

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