Even if we have a good theoretical knowledge by reading books and magazines, watching TV shows, reading online articles, and visiting decorating showrooms.But when it comes to real project, we find that it's so hard without faults.Here is a list of the top things to avoid  when you goes on.
  • Never Let Someone take the decision for you.
It's your home and you are the responsible to make choices. Don't let someone else decide to you what you should do. Ask for suggestions if you need help. But when it comes to make decisions - As it's your home, they should be yours. You should feel comfortable with the choices.
  • Never Paint First.
Don't choose your color in the first stage of decorating process. You can choose and buy paint in any color in surrounding atmosphere. In fact, you can get any paint mixed color whatever your imagination goes. Choose your furniture, your fabric, carpet, and upholstery first.
  • Never choose Paint From a Paint Chip.
A paint sample might look great in the light in the paint store. But a whole wall painted of it might be overpowering. When you've decided on your favorite color, just purchase a small quantity ( for example one litre) of the color and paint a small section on your wall to see how the color looks in the room with natural light. If you don't want to mess up your walls with sample color, paint a piece of cardboard and tape it on the walls in the room where you plan to use the color.
  • Never make a decision on Colors in a store.
Avoid to buy your home elements as like fabric, flooring, or paint on your first visit to stores. Ask to buy a samples of paint and carpet and swatches of fabric then go home to see what they look like in a whole look. Check them out in both natural light and the evening with lamps.
  • Never Settle usual paint If You Love Bold.
A gallon of red paint costs as a gallon of white. You find out my point! If you love a color, try to find a way to use it in your home. Choose your favorite colors that show your personality and match with things you love.
  • Never Make Your Favorite Color the Main one.
If you love a color, don't  choose it for your walls paints. Instead, choose a subtle other shade to provide a background that will let items be in your favorite color, it will be really "pop."
  • Never Ignore the Psychology of Colors.
You can not create a relaxing sanctuary in a room with a color like red on walls. Otherwise Blue and green are more calming and relaxing colors. While choosing red and orange is suitable for play rooms or family rooms where the activities are. You have to select a color scheme to create the atmosphere you want in the room according to the room purpose.To be continued....

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