Red color in decor has many connotations and characteristics known to lovers of this color in home decoration, it's one of the strongest colors that show emotion and passionate, as red color has ability to add a touch of boldness and modernity  to any room in the house.
Red is also one of three basic color and is considered the strongest one to show energy, vitality and activity, another point added to the features of red is
considered the color crossing about love and emotion, but must pay attention to the important point not to use the color red in the areas or places that tend to calm and relax because red does not help (such as bedrooms), while it can be used in any other part of the home like the kitchen or places of living or hallways.
The color red can be used in wall paint or furniture or both can also be mixing between him and the other colors like white,  black and beige or wood.
 You can also enter the color red simply by accessories such as candles or small tables or rugs balanced with other colors in around.
Here are amazing examples of the use of the color red in interior decor.

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