If you want to know how to transform a space in mere seconds with affordable prices? Hanging a mirror is the magical solution. Mirrors have many advantages; the power to reflect light among other space elements which make any room feel warmer, brighter and wider.
Here you some impressive hints and ideas to decorate your home with mirrors, and how decorating with mirrors is an affordable way to enlarge any space.

Utilize a mirror as a focal point.
Use a large mirror ( or a grouping of mirrors) as a focal point in your room, that can be an affordable way to create a strong focal point in any space in your home. You can also hang a grouping of mirrors on a wall to create a feature wall, that will create a very creative focal point in your living room.
Mirrors are the best alternative for expensive art.
Why you decorate your home with an expensive arts! while you can get the same mood with less cost. A mirror can to reflect color and pattern in a space. Choose a mirror with a decorative frame to increase the idea that your mirror is a framing art. You will stand in front of it for an amazing self-portrait, sure you will do that.
Create a fake window with a mirror.
If you have a room that has a small/limited window hang a mirror across from a window. As we know mirrors reflect anything that is in front of them, that will not only reflect the view and the light, but also the window itself.
Make a wall disappear by using a mirror.
Double the perceived width or length of a space by a large mirror. You can place a mirror along one side of a long narrow hallway or small room to fake a much larger space.
Mirrors are a magical way  to create energy.
Since a mirror captures the movement of everything and everyone that moves in front of it, so; using a mirror or group of mirrors can bring action and warmth to a bland room.
Utilize a mirror for its intended purpose.
Finally, Place a mirror anywhere you need to peek a look. As existing a mirror is a necessity in bathrooms, closets and dressing rooms. Anyone needs to look in a mirror to check his appearance, so place one beside an entryway door to make a final check for your lipstick or general appearance.

Here you a creative group of decorative mirrors to buy if you like;  Decorative Mirrors

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