Sure most of us want a special great impression felt in our house rather than applying the same hues as like other common house. You can do this different atmosphere by creating anything installed on the house like: your touch in the interior decor design, furnishing, home appliance and room dividers.
Decorative room dividers is a great idea to add a unique and difference impression in a room where it is applied. It is simply gives a sense of renovation where it installed besides a sense of variety in the same space. In addition to the special touch which divider adds to the space, it gives you to use your room for many purposes like living and dining area.
Here are some unique and creative room dividers below made in unique shape.

This is an elegant Black Framed Room Screen Divider that have Oriental Style. You can use to discreetly separate and divide a room into sections for multi-use. The frame is made of wood with a black finish and the screen fabric is made of a durable synthetic paper material. It consists of 4 panel and each panel is approximately 17 3/4" in width. Dimensions Measure: 72''W x 70. 25''H.
You can get your divider from this link:  Room divider.

You will find a variety in design and price to choose one suits your style and room space.
Here you some of this amazing collection to help you in your choice.

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