Tiles of bathroom are define as manufactured pieces, it may be one of a various materials like porcelain, ceramic, stone or any suitable other material. Tiles are used for bathroom walls and floors cladding. Recently, manufacturing companies introduce many types of tiles either classic or modern styles, to suit all home decorations and types.
Some people who love the elegant looks for their bathroom’s houses are always interesting in watching the new trend types and shapes featured recently in the markets. But in all cases, it is highly recommended for everyone to make their own decision between keeping on with the common appearance and going to a bold look for the bathroom. The specialized choice is not difficult if it meets your home decor style, but if
it is not appropriate for the whole look, it can cause a real fetal mistake in your decor. Ceramic tiles were firstly the most common type used for all homes before the new era give us the concept of modern home decorating styles. Recently; There are many other types produced which are vary between ceramics, porcelain, natural stone, lime stone, glass tiles, and mosaic tiles which can also be made of glass or lime stone.
The effective factors in choosing tiles didn’t depend on the material of the tiles as much as depending on the colors, sizes, shapes and even the prints within these tiles. Of course, it isn’t complicated, if you just tend to match the materials between the bathroom tiles and floor tiles used in the rest of your home, just do that, and don’t worry of the appearance, it can easily obtain.

Porcelain tiles are a bit more expensive than ceramic tiles, but not so much anyway.  Porcelain offers a big advantage by tiles, as it gives you a very elegant look through the polished appearance in addition to providing you durable floors/ walls that are resist scratching, and saving your money during installation as the new types don’t require to be sealed. Either porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles are suitable for classic and modern bathroom styles, but determine their usage according to the size of the plates.
On the other hand, natural stone tiles in big sizes are made for bathrooms, sometimes it preferred for cladding whole home floors for a special look. They became more popular for bathroom floors and walls, and they create a charming appearance for people who love modern bathroom styles. Natural stone tiles are more popular than granite tiles, which were used to give a superb look in large bathrooms.
Glass tiles are made in different forms, and they are usually used with other materials. They are used to complete the whole appearance which you need to show in your bathroom, and they are usually used to clad bathroom walls, and it does not used for floors.
If you look for a sophisticated look in your bathroom, use a Very small sized glass tiles, such as mosaic, and pair it with elegant colored large tiles for the walls and porcelain tiles on the floors.  
It’s totally not difficult to choose your right type of tile decoration for your bathroom. I advise you to choose ceramic or porcelain tiles for the floors as they are the most common, and use the big size for a more modern look. For walls, the best type of tiles decoration is the glass tiles but, remember, they can’t be used alone. The small glass and mosaic tiles can be paired in small sized combinations to give an amazing look, and they can also be used with bigger tiles for elegant shapes.

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