We all agreed about that; designing a teen’s room is definitely a hard task. Where parents try to place every teen's needs in a proper place with a hope to fulfill their teen a relax, study comfortably and some space for enjoying with their friends. You are (as a parent) recommended to involve your teen in decision and choices to create a decent study space for your teen so that you can achieve your goal successfully.
Here you some ideas to inspire your teen's office:
Choose the suitable place.

The first subject you have to determine is the location of the study space. It's advisable to choose a space which is quiet and is not
obstructed by the other components of the room. Also try to place the office on a free corner, if that isn't possible, choose for the desk a one side wall to be stuck.
Choose the suitable material.

Once you determined the suitable space for studying, you go to choose your teen office furniture. The study space furniture should be simple, comfortable as well match with the whole decor of the room.
It's highly recommended to avoid wrought iron furniture for study area as it is not comfortable even if there is a wrought iron bed. If the room features a wooden bed, choose a wooden chair and desk. Leather chair with a wooden desk is a good choice in colors related to room style. Also be sure of that the furniture you choose gives your teen needs such as a comfortable seating, enough space for study activities and laptop is included on the desk.
Final matter belongs furniture is that; you have to notice in your chosen office is that office includes enough storage space.
Choose the suitable style.
When you go to choose your teen office design, stay with the same decor hues as in the whole room. Avoid distracting your teen with a lot of accessories and decorations, but just add a few pieces which reflect your personal touch to the space and make the area attractive and welcoming for boys and girls. A sticker of an inspiration quote, a splash of color, few photographs, a trendy wall clock, and colorful jars to hold paper clips or pins, and a bright lamp shade are few accessories, which are tying up all the area to work in a harmony.
Here you an amazing collection in an affordable price to choose one which suits your teen's room space and your ‎room style.‎

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Teens MDF Computer Desk, Blue and White
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