If you own a small apartments or a condo you often have a big problem with storing, as small spaces ‎doesn't have sufficient storage space. But if you stopped to think for a while around you, you will ‎discover some hidden places which you can use it for storage. Try some of these tips to find hidden ‎spaces for storage in your home:

- You can hang a fabric panel on the front of any recess on a certain wall to hide wrapping paper, craft supplies, or tools.‎
- You can use a skirted table to camouflage a file cabinet, storage boxes, or even a television.‎
- You can use a lowboy to serve as a bedside table to store linens, stationery, or cosmetics.‎
- You can use a narrow cabinet, rather than an open-leg sofa table, to store games, DVD’s, and even stereo ‎components.‎
- You can use a shallow, rolling box which fit under the bed to store out-of-season clothes, sweaters, and linens.‎
- there are many ideas you can discover it with a good sense and intelligent thoughts, with a cup of coffee think to find it.

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