Decorating your kids room is very different from decorating any other room in the house. There are a lot of particular things that have to take into consideration. when you start to decorate your kid room you have to make sure that the room has a functional interior design besides your kid’s personal preferences. 

There is another important point, you have to keep in your mind that a kid’s room is features as a multifunctional space. It’s where your kid's activities from sleeping to inviting friends to stay over, studies, reads, etc. So make sure you decorate it properly.
 Here you some Ideas to help you to accessorize you kid's room:

Create a storage spaces from dead spaces.

Put some shelves above the window, desk or anywhere that not used. They will serve as spaces to store items that your kid doesn’t use usually. So include shelves anywhere you find some free space.

Choose a proper lighting.

Natural lighting is important as if it possible, so use it for your kids health and in your favor.
When you choose the lighting fixtures for your kid room, you have to choose them to match the theme of the room decor, to be suitable to certain needs and to have a durable design. Don’t forget to include a desk lamp and a bedside lamp in your kid room.

Hang a bulletin board.

Hang a bulletin boards in a child’s room,it will be very useful. It's a nice display area for all sorts of things that your kid might want to display there like hanging notes, photos, drawings,and etc. It’s a place where your kid can collect all  personal items and symbols.
Include it with  plenty of storage bins.

Any kid has a lot of things that need to be stored so you should give him plenty of storage bins and boxes in his room. Other important benefit of that, it’s a way to teach your kid how to always be organized. Use these bins to store your kid's toys, games and other items.

Fixing Wall shelves.

Wall shelves are considered the perfect place to display photos, books, trophies, artwork, collections and other things. So make sure your kid’s room has a good number of shelves for all the items that need to be displayed or stored.
Colorful pillows.

It’s important for a kid’s room to feel activeness and to be colorful. Make it simple, neutral and filled of dynamic sense to avoid to seem boring. Using throw pillows is a nice and simple way to add color and pattern into your kid's room.

Hang a wall clock.

By including a wall clock in your kid's room, your kid will learn how to appreciate his time besides taking responsibility for the time spent inside his room. So, hang  a clock on the wall or on the desk, because you know they’re always in their room and need to just look to see what time it is.

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