Small apartment, as we know is the most suitable for many of us due to the high cost of construction and density of population. So; I'd like to talk with you about a really perfect small apartment design; it’s awesome, trendy and welcoming. If you live in this small apartment you will never feel of that you are in a small apartment.
The ideal design comes from the perfect use of colors hues
besides the perfect stylish and practical furnishing of this apartment which make use of every inch of the space in an amazing way.
The whole scheme of the apartment comes in white, like most designs for small apartments which give a good spacious feel. Some other colors touches are found in the apartment like purple in dining chairs besides some purple portraits and other decorative items to give a wonderful and chic atmosphere in the dining- kitchen spaces.
The apartment has a trendy open kitchen which includes a dining table beside it which makes food so easy and quick to transfer. Some other amazing touches appear on that wooden panels which are hanged on the ceiling, it gives a chic and convenient style to the apartment.
 When you transfer to the bedroom you will feel how it looks very chic especially with its sloping wall that gives it a special style. 
When you enter the kid’s room you will see how it's colorful. That’s so inviting and preferable for kids with some awesome toys and colored drawer.
The bathroom ceramics tiles come in white and watery blue for an amazing style which makes one feel that the bathroom is spacious.
Even if this is a small apartment, it has a really awesome terrace that makes you dream to spending some time outdoors.
This small apartment is an ideal model for how to utilize every inch of space with minimalist furniture without adding unnecessary furniture, this concept of design style is clearly seen in this small apartment’s design. Just have a look to it and get inspired!

Living Area


Dinning space


Living room

Kids room



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