The color of a certain room is the most effective element in your room mood, as it sets the whole feeling of the room space, also unifies architectural elements such as furniture, rugs, accessories and floors. Either you are going to choose colors for your new home rooms or renovate fresh coat of paint to improve the overall appearance of an existing colors in a certain room, you should follow a clear points that will help you in your choice of the colors.
1 - Firstly; have a look at home improvement store galleries, paint magazines and the Internet to find color schemes that suits your taste. There are many sites on the network  provide a free online paint color picker that allows you to experiment with various color shades and schemes.

2 - Then; You have a wide variety of paint color options. If you don't plan to install a new floors, make a coordinate between paint and the current room flooring.  If your room has a colored carpeting, ensure that your paint matches the carpet colors by bringing a carpet sample to your local home improvement store. If possible, choose your colors after you had chosen your rugs, furniture and floor tiles, then go to picking your paint colors.

3 - Evaluate your room dimensions and lighting conditions. Because not all colors are suitable for all spaces, for example, a small bedroom with scattered natural lighting may seems larger if you paint with a light color, whereas a large room may benefit from multiple paint colors.

4 - When you go to select colors for a certain room, select color that will contribute to the overall mood of ‎the room. Sure, not all paint colors convey the ‎right mood for every room. Red, for example, may not ‎suitable color in a room that used to have a ‎relaxation‎ , calming atmosphere, while red is a suitable color if ‎it used on kitchen or dining room. Whereas; cooler ‎shades such as green and blue, are suitable colors for ‎spaces such as bathrooms, living rooms and home offices.‎
You have to take care in Choosing  the right colors for your room , that will enhance its overall appearance ‎and gives you a great amount of satisfaction.‎

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