Accessorize in living room is a great elements of room decoration. It doesn't stand on just artworks, lighting, and some other thin things, it is a whole concept extends to include every living room elements. When you go to build up your living room accessories, make sure that each of your living room accessories includes one color ( at least ) from the color scheme that  you have chosen in living room to ensure they all work togethe. But don't worry about needing to match things
exactly, you can freely try different shades of the same color as well. There are other point you have to notice it, that you needn't to  go overboard on the accessories; that overall depending on your chosen scheme and interior design of the room.
Here you 10 ideas help you to accessorize your living room to come up in a creative view.
Focal point.
Create a focal point in your living room. It can be artwork, a window, a fireplace or a television; arrange all the furniture to face it in one harmony line.

Throw rugs of different colors and patterns on your floor. You can make rugs in all floors from wall-to-wall  or scatter rugs across  floor tiles; both ways will help to add color and pattern to the room.

Throw pillows on the couches and chairs.
That pick up amazing accent colors in the room. Either if that pillows are of printed colors or solid colors. Something have to be noticed; If you use prints, make sure they pick up colors from drapes, rugs or wall art to tie them in.

Window treatments.
Choose draperies in a solid color that picks up one of the colors in the rugs, pillows or art work; that to tie everything together.

Storage shelves.
Add some smart shelves and bookcases to the room as a way to display reading materials, framed pictures and other items of your interest.

Add some decent tables.
Use some small end tables or long wall ones to hold various accessories. Place end tables to be near to seating areas to keep things handy.

Lamp tables.
Utilize lamps on the tables in seating area and near where people may sit to read something. Add a functional and soft touch in the room with focused light.

Collect  your wall arts above tables and sofas.
Make sure that the wall arts that you chosen picks up some of the colors used in the rest of the room either in the art itself, or in the color of the frames.

Hanging mirrors.
Hanging some mirrors in the room is a great way to enlarge the space and to add height to the walls.

Personal touches.
Add your personal touches to the room. Add that things which reflect your personality and add warmth to the living room. That may be like trophies, sculptures, family photos and other individual items.

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