As every new year comes, many homeowners have finally decided to take the plunge and make a big
home improvement, and kitchen is the more important  of all home rooms to be updated firstly. Kitchen is one of the most functional rooms of any house, but beside that kitchen is also becoming increasingly popular to be important to keep up-to-date!

There’s been a big progress in kitchen design in the last few years and even changes in kitchen's designers thoughts. For a successful redesign, it’s important to keep up-to-date with all the latest kitchen design trends.
Here you will find design trends for 2013 for kitchens.
Tendency towards modern.
 For 2013 modern kitchens trends; usually, think along the lines of simplicity combined with big open spaces and minimal accessorizing. Last year, traditional kitchens became unpopular with the National Kitchen and Bath Association. This has led to a huge shift in materials used as well as type, sizes and shapes.
Hiding appliances
A major innovation in trends for modern kitchens is the advent of appliances that blend in with the rest of the room and that are hidden.
The idea is to provide more worktop space and leave enough space for a kitchen island. Handle less cupboards, invisible to the naked eye, are also key for creating a clean and modern look.
LED lighting.
Since modern kitchens are becoming more open and spacious as well as becoming the primary entertainment centre of the home, lighting is becoming more and more important.
Nowadays, lighting should not only be functional, but also make a statement and create an inviting living space. Built in LED lights under cabinets, and appliances that come with ambient lighting, is an ongoing trend for 2013. Plinth lights are extremely modern and are a fantastic finishing touch for modern kitchens.
Kitchen islands.
More recent trends are moving away from the dining rooms and into the kitchen, with all the eating, drinking and socialising taking place there.
Kitchen islands, complete with bar stools, are the perfect way to make this happen and create a modern eatery inside your kitchen, this is especially so for large kitchens.
Modern kitchen reflects the green movement, with appliances having an Energy Star rating. MDF kitchen cabinets are also in at the moment.
Natural color schemes:
Recently; neutral colors are on the rise with an emphasis on a variety of wood tones.
Black and white are also making a comeback. Bright colors should only add some finishing touches and accents and not overpower the color scheme of your kitchen.

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