Floor tiles are often so wonderful in each new home which make it one of amazing interior decoration elements, but with time it goes to be old and dated which causes a big annoy to homeowner. That make one think how to renovate floor tiles in a way depends on its case. Some goes to replace tiles by other new one, other try to fix it by the sealer stripped and the grout reapplied, other choose to treat it by the cheapest and easier way; that is grout paint.
As the reason for all old and dated in tiles usually comes from the color of the grout, then, painting the grout is a perfect solution to renovate floor tiles appearance.
Here you the way to how you can update the look of your builder colorful ceramic tile floors..
1 - Buy grout paint renews with a color that suits your floor tiles and follow the directions on the back of the bottle. You can get it from this link: Grout Refresh - White - 8oz. Bottle

2 -Buy a plastic squeeze bottle from the beauty supply store and filled it with your suitable paint. Get it from here:  Plastic Green Soap Squeeze Bottle

3 - Buy a child sized tooth brush with a suction cup on the end so you could stand it up as you are working. 


4 - Start working in small sections (one or two tiles at a time), then apply a bead of paint to the grout area.


5 - Spread the paint into the groove by lightly dragging the toothbrush through the bead of paint along the grout line.
6 - With a damp paper towel, wipe the edges of the groove to remove the excess paint.  


7 - Go on your work even if it is tedious job but, you will discover how much worth it in the end.
Final appearance

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