Furniture usually takes up the most  of the space in a any room, but if you’re in a small space that can be very unlikable but may  be detrimental. Block tables, chairs, rugs and other items in a certain room can block off the vision in the space in unnecessarily way, while there are some alternatives out there that could really be awesome space savers and visually speaking.
Acrylic (or Lucite) furniture is an ideal solution for extended vision in a space. This Acrylic furniture comes as a certain pieces usually; but it can be arranged in range with a whole array of color of all kinds of pieces. Take its advantages to break up the center of your living room with a clear piece like a coffee table, or you can create an extra room around your dining  table for the ultimate chic design.

Here you some of amazing looks to help you to determine what  might be best for your room below, and check more details from this link; acrylic furniture

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