Rising prices of real estate have made it to be so smaller in spaces, even if it's a house or a condo. That has made the need for inventive solutions to space limitations to be one of the fundamental issues in design today.

Here you main concepts that have to be considered when you go to choose your small space style or decor.
  • The main principle to maximize benefits of available space depends on using Built-ins and modular furniture units which provide custom solutions for even the most tight spaces. You can benefit from your space by using built-in or modular furniture that effectively utilizes vertical and horizontal space.
  • Designers and architects tend to use streamlined furnishings, mirror and glass in order to visually expand a room's size to maximize the feeling of space.
  • Try to amplify available light and space to create an awesome feeling by choosing furniture with legs rather than skirts, including glass if possible and adding reflective elements like mirror, crystal and silver to your whole interior.
  • When you go to choose colors, choose monochromatic color schemes which helps in enlarge a space visually. This kind of color (Monochromatic color schemes) in which all colors are close in tone and value gives your hues an impressive job of visually expanding in a room.
  • Today, most of any house rooms are often required to serve more than one function. Which make multipurpose furniture so essential as it creates flexibility within a space. For example, your guest may be temporarily housed in the living room or home office. 
 When you go to choose you flexible furnishings try to take these points into consideration:
  • Choose furniture that does double duty. As an example, a coffee table that can serve as eating table by raising its height.
  • Use chairs rather than sofas for maximum flexibility. Chairs require less space and can also be moved around more easily.
  • Use a Murphy bed when a room has to accommodate some overnight guests. Because it can be stored in the wall, a Murphy bed is ideal for occasional use and is a discreet addition to just about any room.
When you go to choose you flexible furnishings try to avoid some mistakes like the following:
  • Avoid choosing any furniture sectional with arms, as that limits the way it can be positioned. Choose an armless version; which is easier to get through doors and into apartment elevators.
  • Avoid to overlook your islands, which works in most of your rooms, not only in a kitchen but also in office, laundry room. Choose a table with wheels; which can be set against a wall when not in use.

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