If you looks to organize your bathroom to get a squeaky-clean and luxuriously orderly bathroom, here i will tell you how to do it in some easy steps that will give you an amazing results in your entire bathroom.
Please follow these steps to get a perfect organized bathroom.
1 - Get 2 Suitable sized boxes and put it in your bathroom.
2 - Collect everything on your bathroom even on counter or in drawers or closets, don't leave anything out of these to boxes at all.
3 - Try to sort your bathroom things that you put in the boxes as you can do.
4 - Start on cleaning every surface, including the counters, closets, shelves, drawers and everything you've seen you need to keep. Then wipe everything dry with a towel.

5 - Start to replace your bathroom items, beginning with the medicine cabinet.
6 - Put back only that things which you cannot live without it or use frequently. This prime location should contain only essential items.
7 - Replace the decorative item back onto the countertop after cleaning it. But remember; the counter is not a storage place. It's for just items you use daily.
8 - Divide your drawer by conveniently-sized dividers. Place what you often use of items by category. Make a section for hair items, makeup, shaving supplies, etc.
9 - Make the area under the sink to store bathroom cleaning supplies, placed it neatly on one side of the cabinet and use the other side to store extra bath items and keep the two categories separated.  Use turntables that made for kitchen items under the sink that will work well, as turntables make it easy to get at tall bottles. Simply turn the turntable around and you'll be able to grab your tools.
10 - If you find extra space in the cabinet under the sink, collect all small items into plastic boxes with lids and try to stack them to save more space. Don't forget to Label the boxes to be able to see what's in the boxes.
11 - Follow the great concept “less is more better". While you are going through your things to put back in the closet, keep only what you really need them. Get rid of half-used things that you don't like and will never use.
12 - After rearranging your things, if there are things in either of the boxes you used for sorting, you may don't need them. Then, you should get rid of them.
13 - After all that, If you find any things that you don't need now but can't rid, It's okay, but store them somewhere out of the bathroom and out of sight.
If you've followed the previous steps congratulations to you. You can now enjoy your neat, orderly, and organized "new" bathroom

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