It's always hard to find a good sit when watching a movie, playing video games or just for those lazy days off work. Of course you will feel my words if you don’t have a comfortable louge chair in your house nearby TV area.
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Here you are an amazing Ultra Lounge chair with Ottoman which has many pros as I will tell you about it in brief:
First off; it’s filled with air so there aren’t many pressure points to worry about when you sets on it. It's like sitting on a cloud so to speak. It can be soft or firm depending on just how much air you fill it with.
Secondly; it comes with an ottoman which your son has fun sitting on when he is playing games or you will get more comfort by putting your legs on it.
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Thirdly; it had made of pretty durable though from the same materials as most high end inflatable mattresses.
Finally; you will need a bit of room for it though but it’s well worth it.
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