Having a good night sleeping is considered a kind of luxury, that can happen if you can sleep on this  Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress . It features 12-inch memory foam mattress that consists of 9.5” base support layer and 2.5” layer of SureTemp Memory Foam, finished in a luxurious circular knit mattress cover. The main reason why I said it’s a a kind of luxury is because what’s inside this mattress. The 9.5-inch base layer is composed of premium base foam which basically molds to you body to provide therapeutic support and amazing comfort, it supports your body in perfect spinal alignment to relief the body from muscle and join pain. The top 2.5-inch layer offers a perfect sleeping temperature through its superior airflow which is a patented open-cell technology from this company.

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This mattress have many pros as it reduces pressure points which mean less tossing and turning throughout the night. There are some reviewers that has some notice about it like complain about heat, but there are many others that disagree, most of them still feel comfortable sleeping on this bed even when the temperature is around 80-degree. May Smell of Foam is the most clear cons as Just like other new mattresses, you’ll feel the new foam smell in the first few weeks; but it goes away after sometime. If you plan to use this mattress upstairs, you are going to need some helps from others as there are a lot of reviews that say this mattress is pretty heavy.

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The customer service from this company has been reported as “very nice”. They offer a limited 20-year warranty for this product, and yes, you can return the mattress within the 20-year warranty if something goes wrong. Please pay attention to the manual or warranty brochure, because you shouldn’t take off the white cotton cover. If you do this, the warranty is void. We suggest you to put a cover on it to keep it clean and only wash the cover. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and get rid that morning stiffness with Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress .
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