May you’re thinking about to add some stylish updates for your bathroom, or planning to a full
renovation for your dated bathroom. Whatever you tend to add to your bathroom you need to be known about recent trends to be taken into consideration. If you’ve been asking about what bathrooms trends for the year of 2013, here you are the hottest bathroom trends of this year.

Tiles comes in the top stage.
If you think about tiling your walls or floors of bathroom, you have to know that tiles comes to the top importance in this year trends. The trend is to use large format tiles which emulate other materials in shape like stone, concrete or wood. So; if you want your bathroom tiles in keeping with the recent trends try to choose it in a form of large prints. Porcelain and ceramic tiles still in the top of the tile choice for the top-end bathrooms.
Lighting on fashion.
Now a day; Dim lighting in bathrooms are to dated as ghosts of the past. The bathroom trends are to fill your bathroom with various kinds of lighting as much light as possible, preferably natural light. You can do this easily by installing larger windows and skylights. If a skylights isn’t possible, all the electrical light should be soft and diffused. Well arranged and varied light offer an inviting and happy bathroom atmosphere.
Trends to bright colors.
Trends goes with the ordinary colors degrees of whites, off-white, brown, beige and grey, nothing has really changed. But, these colors are now complimented with vibrant colors, like fresh lime green, oranges, even icy blues, in small quantities. In the other hand using small accessories like rugs, towels and soap dispensers are a great way to add a little bit of modern fashion without making extreme changes and is too affordable.
Spa-like luxuries.

All people these days tend to emulate spa-like luxuries in their bathrooms, they like to add some fine luxuries like under floor heating, waterproof speakers, ambiance lighting and Jacuzzis, oversized shower heads, a modern bathroom is just not complete without these added luxuries.
Personality of one.

Bathrooms are no longer just a part of the house where you can get amount of convenience or where you can wash and ready yourself for the upcoming day. So, take care to tie your entire bathroom element to work together in one harmony beside its practical uses.

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