Having a unique bathroom either in its whole decoration or in its amazing assets is a dream for every one of us. But in all cases we look for relaxation besides the impress of interior decor. Today, I give you an awesome 20 Ideas for bathroom designs. In each bathroom design you will discover the importance of bathtub and how the designer chooses it carefully to come as a piece of art in addition to its particular uses. For some of  bathroom designs  you will notice that the designer tend to use green color to give an impression of  natural, Also usage of wood in some models which give a great effect in modern decors.
Most of the following bathroom design ideas are in modern style which many of us tend to choose when go to decorate our bathroom. Also you will find some bathroom has a special color theme which some of us like to choose to be unique in their styles. Don’t   forget the importance of window in each bathroom as they have a huge influence on the aesthetics and atmosphere of a bathroom. Have a look to every model, Study it carefully to discover which one suits your style and bathroom space.

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