Swimming pool is a special construct and is a good reference to the prosperity of whose own it. So, if you have decent enough money and you don’t want to go to swim at the public pools or a resort every day or in your holidays. You should build your own swimming pool. If you think really to build a your swimming pool, I'll tell you in this article how to build it in some steps.

1 – The first thing you have to think about is the size of your swimming pool, you have to decide how big or small your pool will be.
2 – You also, will have to decide how deep or shallow it will be in a manner suits your family needs and consider ages of your family members.
3 – After you had done deciding all primary properties of your pool, Search for a reputable contractor to start building it, also you will need to talk to an expert engineer about the suitable specifications relating to the curvature and thickness of the concrete that most fit your swimming pool.
4-  - Let your contractor finish all requirements needed from your local city council before starting digging of a hole as you decided for your pool to be.
5 - Then, start to pour in the concrete and shape it into the hole to give you the desired shape as you plan to get your pool shape.
6 - Make some waterproofing tests before putting tiles or paint in the pool.
7 - Prepare to fix and install all plumbing, suction and return lines for the circulation system.
‎8 - Prepare to fix and install all lights, underwater light for safety and decorating value
‎9 - Start to fill backfill of your pool walls, replace and lightly compact soil around your pool.

‎10 - Adjust your designed tracks that holds the liner
11 - Adjust and install your designed floor tiles and adjust slopes, if it is found.
‎12 -  Mechanical room is a major part of your pool parts, install pump, filter and heater.
‎13 - At last, you will need to install fittings, gaskets and cutouts  throughout the filling process
14 - Let the entire of the pool to dry.
15  - Fill your pool with water and chlorine until it is close to the top.
16 - Finely, enjoy swimming in your own pool!‎.
But you will take some thoughts in your consideration to be in safe you and your family. You should install a safety cover to your pool either if manually cover or electrically. It makes the likelihood of a traumatic incident with your pool much lower. You have to find a swimming teacher if you or your kids can't swim.
You have to keep your pool clean and its maintenance in a regular way.‎ ‎You has to remove all the leaves and twigs that fell into your pool daily in some easy steps of maintenance.

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