When you want to buy tiles for your house floors or walls, you have to know some decent information about type of tile surfaces and features of each type. You also, well need to know which surfaces are most suitable for a certain place in your home than other kinds of surfaces. Here I’ll try to help you to know all of that. In the markets, you will find so many different tiles to choose from, but you need to know how to find the right one that will look great and easy to maintain.

Tiles according to their anti slip rating are graded from 1 to 5. 1 means tiles can become very slippery when they are wetted for example, polished porcelains. 5 mean that tiles are not slippery when they are wet. Tiles in this grade (5) will have a rough finish on the surface and looks like sand paper. When you go to choose tiles for inside, you should not choose grade 4 and 5 to be installed inside of your home as they attracted dust and you will find them too hard to keep clean.

You can use tiles with grade 4 or 5 to be installed outside on your patio or common outdoor environments especially in areas that always are wet. You have to know that it’s too hard to keep it clean. The only way to clean these anti slip graded tiles is by using a certain kinds of high alkaline chemical and scrub with a deck brush then hose off. Don't try to clean it with a mop; it is useless on these tiles. The Ideal grade to use for inside is grades 1, 2 and 3 they will be easier to clean and come in either porcelain or ceramic.
There are many types to use inside home. But as an advice do not buy matt finish tiles, they have been causing a big headaches for home owner when mutt tiles get dirty and there is no way you can clean them yourself. You will have to rent a professional tile cleaner to clean them for you.

The final advise may I whisper to you is to try to buy a tile that has a glaze on the surface or a polish surface for your interior finishing, because they are ten times easier to clean.

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