Choosing a color to paint your room is one of the most effective elements that affects in your room mood, as paint color sets the whole entire atmosphere of the room, also works to tie architectural elements and furniture with the whole room decor. When you choose a certain color to coat your walls, you give your room a wonderful touch to improve the overall appearance of a room which definitely make your home more appealing to future buyers if you think to sell or rent it. Here I try to give you some tips to follow when you go to choose your paint color.
1 - When you think to choose a suitable color to paint your room, browse websites that serve interior design to find a color schemes that appeal to your whole hues. A lot of house magazines provide free online picker which allow you to try to pick your desired color.
2 - When you go to choose your wall color make sure to make coordinate between your picked color and the color of carpet or floor tiles. You may use a color matching machine to get a mix of color that works with your floor or carpets. If you plan to install new floor tile, you should to make a comparison between both (paint color and floor colors).
3 - Estimate your room space and its lighting conditions. Room space is an important factor in choosing paint color, as much you room has a small space as you have to choose a lighter color. That helps to increase the feeling of space enlargement.
4 - When you go to choose a certain color to paint your room, choose the color that contributes to the whole mood of your room. Of course, not all colors are suitable for all rooms. Red color, as an example, may be is a suitable color for kitchen or dining room, while is not suitable to use it to paint a bedroom.
5 - Don't rely on color catalogue in paint store, but you have a sample of your chosen color and apply it on your wall under natural light to can clarify the how much it works with other elements in your room.

Choosing a paint color is not an ordinary choice without steady studying of previous tips. But you should to take care in your choosing, that will promote its whole appearance and gives you a wonderful feelings of satisfaction.

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