We talked in the previous post about Site Investigation for Soil Designing and today I complete the subject to give you the main benefits. as following:

In most cases, the owner’s property is well defined. However, one often comes across property that is not surveyed and not clearly marked. It is quite possible that the field man located his test hole outside of the property line. There would be a great deal of argument on the liability of such an incident. It is not unusual that the engineering company has to pay for the damage.
There are cases when the upper portion of the retaining wall is within the property line, but the base of the wall extends to the neighboring property. There are cases when the surveyor’s monument is intentionally moved for the benefit of the owner. If the owner is on good terms with his neighbor, nothing will happen. Otherwise, the case may wind up in court and the engineers may be involved.

Errors in property lines may lie undetected long after the project is completed and forgotten. The mistake may involve the demolition of the existing structure. It is also possible that the client did not acquire the final title to the property and moved ahead of schedule to order the soil test. The result in one case was the field engineer being chased by an angry owner with a shotgun.
After the property lines have been established, permission should be obtained from the owner to enter the property with drilling equipment. This should be in writing, although oral permission in front of a witness may be enough.

Not all properties are accessible to drilling equipment. Oftentimes, the site is covered with crops. It is a sad sight to see crops ruined by a drilling vehicle. The engineering company, not the owner, will wind up paying for the damage.
In mountain sites, access usually presents a problem. Before sending the drilling equipment to the site, a general survey of the route to enter the site should be made.
Sometimes, trespassing on the neighboring properties cannot be avoided. In such cases, permission should be obtained.
If the property is fenced, permission should be obtained to open the gate. Be very sure that the gates are properly closed after entering or leaving. The loss of cattle or prize horses certainly can add to the liability bill. In the eyes of the attorney anything lost is not replaceable.
In soft ground, as at the time of spring thaw or after continuous rain, it is a lost effort to move the drilling equipment to the site. In order to avoid loss of time or the cost of towing, it is always advisable to evaluate the accessibility first. An allterrain drill rig is able to move into places>

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