Tips to choose a curio cabinet
curio cabinet
When you think to buy a curio cabinet, you have to put some points into your consideration to discover which one of curio cabinet suites you. Here i try to think with you through these points:

Kind of curios that you will put in it.

- If you have things like brass alto saxophone, then you need to get a tall, traditional curio cabinet with fitted glass doors to keep the dust out and with removable glass shelves to make room for your favorite musical instrument.

Light amount where you will put your curio cabinet.

Its highly recommended to choose an illuminated cabinet if it will be in a dark corner of your house to brighten the corner as well as provide accent lighting to your displays.

The space where you will put your curio cabinet.

1 - Is the space amply high and wide? Then you might want to get a traditional, dark cherry curio cabinet with generous measurements of 44W x 17D x 79H inches.
Tips to choose a curio cabinet
curio cabinet
2 - If narrower, then a more contemporary curio cabinet with practical urban living measurements of 24W x 12D x 76H inches may be better.
2 - If low and wide such as in a family room or den, then a golden oak console curio cabinet measuring 56W x 13D x 30H inches is probably what you need.
3 - And if angled in a corner, you may want a curio cabinet that can be snugly placed in a corner and probably measuring around 28W x 16D x 72H inches.
After these above points, you need to ask yourself if you want to match the look of your curio cabinet with the other furniture in the room or not.
To answer this question, take these hints into consideration.
1 - If you want to maintain a traditional look, then you might want to choose from grand old fashioned designs with beveling, hand-carved details and dark timber finishes.
2 - If the room is contemporary, then you might want the clean lines and lighter timber finishes of a more urbanized curio cabinet with lots of mirror and glass.
The last point to think before you decide to buy your curio cabinet is about its material. do you want it of wood or non-wood? And here you the suggestions:
Tips to choose a curio cabinet
curio cabinet
1 - If affordability is a consideration and you do not mind the look of MDF or engineered wood, then you might choose a curio cabinet made of strengthened pressed particle board and topped with timber veneer or laminate.
2 - If you feel that a solid wood curio cabinet sounds like a good investment, then you should get a curio cabinet made from the more popular oak or maple – hardwoods that can only gain character and charm as they age.
Finally, you need to know your budget.
- Are you prepared to splurge on a Louis XV-inspired Pulaski curio cabinet selling for $2000 so that you can have a spectacular accent piece that can transform your entire living room experience?
- Or do you just want a simple wall curio cabinet –
You can get one for 34.0 $ to some hundreds of dollars from this link at amazon:
curio cabinet

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