If you just decorated your bedroom but you still feel that something is missing from the decor, try one or two houseplants. Houseplants not only complement the overall design of your bedroom but they improve your mood, especially if you use the bedroom as a home office occasionally. If your bedroom gets a lot of natural sunlight during the day, then houseplants would go well in the bedroom. You will need to place the plant near the window since this is where the sun shines the most in a room. Here are some ideal plants for the bedroom.


Lavender is a great bedroom plant not just because of its' lively purplish color but also because it promotes relaxation from the day's stresses. Lavender particularly works well if your bedroom's walls are a light purple and white or beige.

Best Plants To Use In Your Bedroom


Poinsettias are generally red or a light pink and green, and they're usually brought in the home during the Christmas season. But you don't have to wait until December to put poinettias in your bedroom because they match with most bedroom design themes at any time of the year. These plants are also non-toxic and they look amazing.
Decorate-your-Bedroom-With-Aloe Vera-Flowers

Aloe Vera

Why not use a bedroom plant that also has medicinal qualities? Aloe vera is just that kind of plant and it is not hard to maintain. In addition to this, aloe vera plants look graceful and beautiful and they complement the bedroom design well. You can take some of the sap from some of the aloe vera leaves and use it to treat skin conditions.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm adds a natural and earthy look to your bedroom and it also grows quite tall so you want to place this plant in a part of the bedroom that is not too close to the bed or dresser. Bamboo is also an eco friendly house plant that gets rid of the toxins in the air.


Cacti are beautiful to look at and they have spiky spines. You can purchase a traditional green cactus plant or you can buy one that is in colors red, orange or yellow if it is during the fall months. The benefit of a cactus plant is that you don't need to add a lot of water to it and natural sunlight is the best light for this plant.

 Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are great for bedrooms because they do not require much light and when cared for properly, these plants last for months or even years. The white petals from this plant can be used to decorate the front of the bed on a romantic evening with your spouse.


Having indoor plants in the bedroom adds a touch of nature to the room without it appearing too much like an indoor forest. If you've never had indoor plants in your bedroom, talk with the salesperson at the garden store so you can get pointers.

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